About This Employee Survey

What is an Employee Survey & why should I take this survey? This is a specially designed survey used to measure employee opinions and feelings about their job and their employer. This survey gives you a chance to provide confidential feedback to your organisation to let them know how you feel about working here.

Who is conducting this survey?  This survey is being conducted by an external agency called CSMM, a specialist unit of IMRB International which is a well known market research agency. 

Why should I answer this survey?  As an employee, you are important to this organization. Hence your opinions and feelings about working here are also important. This survey gives you an opportunity to give confidential feedback to your organization about how you feel about working here.

Will my answers be kept confidential?  Yes, your answers will be kept confidential. The information/ opinions you share will only be viewed by CSMM and will not be shared at an individual level with the organization. Your answers will be mixed with those given by other employees to give an overall view to the Organization.

What will happen after the survey? The findings of the survey will be shared with Shopper Stop/ Crossword. This will help Shoppers Stop/ Crossword to understand how its employees feel about working for the organization. It will also help them bring about improvements and changes, wherever required.

How to complete the questionnaire

Please answer each question by clicking the circle that best describes how you feel. An example is shown below. If you change your mind, you can choose another option. For most questions, labels for the circles are printed at the top of each section. In this example, the five choices range from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree.”
Example Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1.   I like what this company stands for.

Most questions are asked on the same scale above, while others will use slightly different scales than the example above. If you do not have enough information to answer a question, leave it blank.

Definitions that will help you in completing this survey. Please use the following definitions as you complete this survey.

Boss/ Supervisor: Your day to day supervisor/ manager or person you report to

Organization/ Company: The individual business unit: Shoppers Stop/ Crossword

Senior Leadership:  Any person who is part of or reporting to the Executive Board, CEO

For units/ stores:  : Senior Management means - Any person who is part of Store Management Team unless reporting to top management at Services Office